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Commercial/Public Portfolio

Construction of new Industrial Locker Room Building

Carmel Area Wastewater District – Treatment Plant, Carmel, CA

Construct a new CMU building to house the Treatment Plant locker room facilities – 1310 sqft of conditioned space. Work includes all trades including demolition or relocation of existing District assets within the proposed work area, construction of foundation, structure and all finished work.

All work is compliant with all State, local, and District building codes including the Americans with Disabilities Act and the most recently adopted California Building Code by Monterey County.

Rehabilitation of five vehicular bridges on the historic Point Sur Lighthouse facility in Big Sur, CA

California Parks & Recreation – Point Sur, Big Sur, CA

All five bridges are historic and are to be upgraded to achieve a twenty ton load rating but are to be constructed following Secretary of the Interior’s standard for the treatment of historic properties.

Provide all design, engineering, surveying and construction staking for the above project.

Demolish, remove and dispose of existing asphalt deck surface. Remove existing wood bridge decks, main structural timbers and store for inspection and possible reuse. Remove existing concrete footings, abutments, bents and wing walls for all five bridges. Excavate, hammer, drill and prep the soil to install approximately 100 new rock anchors 20 feet deep. Rock anchors are to secure the new concrete footings, bents, abutments and wing walls to the existing rock faces as per the soils engineer. Locate, form and pour new reinforced concrete footings using epoxy coated rebar. Build heavy timber structure, deck and guardrails for all five bridges.

Provide design specifications and structural engineering for a new 140 foot long shot-crete retaining wall at bridge number 4. Retaining wall design will consist of soil nails and steel mesh based on site conditions and the soil report provided by project owner.

The site is remote and complicated by protected wildlife/plants, inclement weather, dangerous slopes and height considerations. Provide a Storm Water Prevention Plan and supply and install all BMP’S to control storm water run-off during the project. Provide a design then supply and install safety barriers and debris containment systems at each bridge location.

Ranch property remodel. 20 acres of re-grading, irrigation, and drainage next to a live waterway

Calamity Farms, LLC – Carmel Valley, CA

Design and installation of a complete irrigation system including 25,000 gallon water supply tank utilizing a 40 h.p. electric pump with controls. Supply and installation of 4,340 linear feet OF 6” HDPE water mains with 4” branch circuits to supply 78 (big gun) irrigation rotors.

Design and build new 200 linear foot by 120 linear foot riding arena. Complete with subsurface drainage system, 12 inches of compacted decomposed granite and 240 tons of Lapis fill sand.

Supply and install all necessary equipment and concrete embeds to raise two large barns (approx. 560 linear feet) and install new concrete foundations around entire perimeter. Footings to provide seismic upgrade as per structural engineer and includes concrete caissons as per plans.

Provide complete design and grading of ten acres of new pasture. Includes 10,000 cubic yards of cut and fill. New pastures to consist of 12 individual fenced riding pens approx. 120 feet long by 80 feet wide. Provide all surveying and construction staking to complete grading.

Design and build 60 foot diameter covered riding corral. Riding corral constructed of structural steel framing covered with pressure treated wood and metal roof.

Design and build drainage systems to service all 20 acres. Includes 18, 15 and 12 inch HDPE culvert pipes with concrete headwalls and energy dissipater’s combined with several drainage v-gutters. Also includes traffic rated catch basins.

Entire project site is next to a live waterway (Carmel River). Provide a Storm Water Prevention Plan and supply and install all BMP’S to control storm water run-off during the project

Emergency vehicle bridge and abutment replacement over Big Sur River

California Parks & Recreation – Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur, CA

Construction of 150 feet of emergency Bridge, abutments, and traffic signals Pfeiffer camp ground was closed due to a washed out Bridge. Sharp completed the project in time for the season opening Memorial Day Weekend.

Entire project completed in 21 days. SHARP was awarded a Special Commendation by California State Parks and the State of California.

Demolish and remove remaining structure not swept away by flooding. Repair tops of both concrete abutments. Modify abutments to allow for seismic attachments. Locate new bridge and approaches. Saw cut existing asphalt approaches to excavate and re-grade. Co-ordinate shipping and receiving with assembly to allow for construction within significant space and time constraints. Supply assemble and install new Bailey bridge across the Big Sur river. Create custom hand rails to permit safe use by pedestrians and cyclists.
Attach water and utility lines to the new bridge to provide service across the river. Supply and install new traffic signal system to control the single lane bridge. Supply and install 150 tons of HMA to pave the new bridge approaches.

The site is remote and complicated by protected wildlife/plants, live waterway, and dangerous height considerations. Provide a Storm Water Prevention Plan and supply and install all BMPs to control storm water run-off during the project.

Riley Ranch Park sewer project

California Parks & Recreation –Carmel, CA

Construction of a 1400 linear foot sewer system to service 5 individual homes. Disconnect existing individual septic systems and connect new gravity sewer laterals. Demolish 5 existing septic systems. Supply and install two manholes. Trench, supply and install new 240 volt single phase electrical service with disconnect. Supply and install a new twin digester pump station with all appurtenances. Project also included horizontal drilling under highway 1 to connect new pump station outlet to existing sewer force main on opposite side.

Commercial, concrete, 50,000 square foot parking lot construction

Pape Hyster-Bobcat – Salinas, CA

Excavated, graded and compacted approximately 50,000 square feet for parking lot expansion. Designed and installed drainage system. Supply, install and finish 150 cubic yards of concrete for parking area.

Complete drinking water system with all appurtenances for State Park campground

California Parks & Recreation – Andrew Molera State Park, Big Sur, CA

Saw cut asphalt and compacted earth roadway to trench approximately 1200 linear feet to install 3 inch schedule 80 pvc pipe and connect to existing supply tank. Saw cut asphalt for width of a complete lane (fog stripe to center stripe) by 800 feet long in highway 1 to trench in the highway for installation of a 4 inch HDPE primary water line inside a 6 inch HDPE casing pipe. Connect the HDPE line to the Schedule 80 line and supply water to campground.

Sanitize complete water system and test. Backfilled trenches. Removed and replaced two rotten metal culverts in campground driveway. Profile grind existing asphalt in roadway to remove 2 inches for new overlay. Supply and install 350 tons of HMA asphalt and pave both highway 1 and the entrance driveway into campground.

Replacement of a vehicle bridge over a tributary of the Russian River

Jenner Community Club – Jenner, CA

Design and execute a waterway diversion plan to reroute the live waterway during construction. Install coffer dams to divert water from waterway using by-pass culverts. Project biologist removed remaining steelhead from waterway.

Demolish and remove existing approach, concrete deck, abutments and bridge structure. Locate key measurements and provide construction staking for abutments and approaches. Re-grade approaches. Major subgrade excavations below flow line of the river. De-water excavations to install reinforced concrete footings. Structure backfill new abutments.

Excavate keyway for new rock slope protection. Install 5 ton rocks in keyway along with Redwood root wads as part of streambed restoration. Install filter cloth along river bank keyed in at the top. Install 1.5 to 3 ton rock slope protection along both sides of the river. Fill in rock slope with hand placed 6 to 12 inch chink rock.

Supply and Install new pre-stressed concrete bridge deck. Supply and install new metal beam guardrail. Co-ordinate shipping and receiving with assembly to allow construction within significant space and time constraints.

Excavate 10,000 square foot parking lot. Supply, install, grade and compact new class 2 base rock for new parking lot surface. Supply, install, grade and compact class 2 base rock for new bridge approaches to grade match existing roads.

The site is remote and complicated by protected wildlife/plants, live waterway, inclement weather, and regular flooding due to high tides. Provide a Storm Water Prevention Plan and supply and install all BMP’S to control storm water run-off during the project.

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