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Residential/Historical Portfolio

Custom home remodel, Carmel Valley, CA

Private Client – Carmel Valley, Carmel, CA

Lead remodel of entire 4,000 square foot Ranch Style custom home.  Reconfigure, construct, and finish 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, living room, dining room, and family room.  Custom appointments throughout.  Rear wrap-around deck.

Regrade property, install driveway, refurbish perimeter ranch fencing, install electric gate.

Historic Bath House – Historical restoration, remodel, and new construction

Private Development Client & City of Pacific Grove, CA

Demolition, removal and disposal of approximately 7,000 square feet of the existing structure including concrete footings, slabs and piers. Complete demolition and removal of all existing plumbing, electrical, HVAC, flooring and walls to reduce the remaining building to bare framing. Replaced all structural members in remaining building with new timbers. Over excavated, compacted and graded one acre site for new footings, concrete slabs, patios, retaining walls and walkways.

Installed new reinforced concrete perimeter footings for new building section of approximately 10,000 square feet. Supplied and installed new two story custom structural steel brace frame system and steel truss roof. Grafted new steel brace frame and reinforced concrete footings into existing building. Supplied and installed all new wood framing, exterior windows and doors. Supplied and installed all new concrete floors both interior and exterior. Supplied and installed new ADA access concrete ramps, retaining walls and stairs. Supplied all material, labor and equipment to construct four new ADA accessible commercial bathrooms. Supplied all labor, material and equipment to excavate and install new footings and structural framing for a new ADA access elevator at front of building. Provided all site work including water, gas, electrical and sewer systems. Supplied and installed new perimeter drainage systems and waterproofing.

Urgent soil retention project to an ocean cliff-side property

Private Client – Carmel Highlands, CA

Emergency slope stabilization including a Hillfiker mechanically stabilized earth system with underside drain, HDPE culvert system and surface weir system to control flow during large rain events. Cut and fill approximately 20,000 cubic yards of soil for access and to install MSE retaining wall.

Derry House – Historic residence restoration

California State Parks – Carmel, CA

Disconnect all utilities servicing the single family dwelling. Perform complete perimeter excavation to install steel I-beams to lift the whole house. Lift the entire house approximately 5 feet above grade. Demolish the existing foundation and remove. Form and pour a new reinforced concrete foundation. Install a new non historic 800 square foot addition to add a bedroom and a bathroom to the historic house. Installed a new HVAC system and wood burning stove, complete with new chimney.

Perform a historically correct remodel to the remainder of the house, both interior and exterior. Rebuilt all the windows, stairs, doors, removed the enclosed porch and returned to an open porch. Replaced the roof with new composite shingles. Removed and replaced the septic system. Replaced all the plumbing pipes and fixtures. Performed finish grading, added perimeter drainage system and installation of a driveway.

Custom home construction

Private Client – Bayonet Blackhorse Golf Club, Seaside, CA

Perform excavation and grading for a new foundation and custom home. Installed new reinforced concrete foundation with all embeds as per plans. Supply and install new concrete slab for house and garage. Supply and install complete wood framing and installation carpentry for custom two story single family residence as per plan. Performed trenching and backfill for utilities.

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