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Complete drinking water system with all appurtenances for State Park campground

California Parks & Recreation – Andrew Molera State Park, Big Sur, CA

Saw cut asphalt and compacted earth roadway to trench approximately 1200 linear feet to install 3 inch schedule 80 pvc pipe and connect to existing supply tank. Saw cut asphalt for width of a complete lane (fog stripe to center stripe) by 800 feet long in highway 1 to trench in the highway for installation of a 4 inch HDPE primary water line inside a 6 inch HDPE casing pipe. Connect the HDPE line to the Schedule 80 line and supply water to campground.

Sanitize complete water system and test. Backfilled trenches. Removed and replaced two rotten metal culverts in campground driveway. Profile grind existing asphalt in roadway to remove 2 inches for new overlay. Supply and install 350 tons of HMA asphalt and pave both highway 1 and the entrance driveway into campground.

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