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Ranch property remodel. 20 acres of re-grading, irrigation, and drainage next to a live waterway

Calamity Farms, LLC – Carmel Valley, CA

Design and installation of a complete irrigation system including 25,000 gallon water supply tank utilizing a 40 h.p. electric pump with controls. Supply and installation of 4,340 linear feet OF 6” HDPE water mains with 4” branch circuits to supply 78 (big gun) irrigation rotors.

Design and build new 200 linear foot by 120 linear foot riding arena. Complete with subsurface drainage system, 12 inches of compacted decomposed granite and 240 tons of Lapis fill sand.

Supply and install all necessary equipment and concrete embeds to raise two large barns (approx. 560 linear feet) and install new concrete foundations around entire perimeter. Footings to provide seismic upgrade as per structural engineer and includes concrete caissons as per plans.

Provide complete design and grading of ten acres of new pasture. Includes 10,000 cubic yards of cut and fill. New pastures to consist of 12 individual fenced riding pens approx. 120 feet long by 80 feet wide. Provide all surveying and construction staking to complete grading.

Design and build 60 foot diameter covered riding corral. Riding corral constructed of structural steel framing covered with pressure treated wood and metal roof.

Design and build drainage systems to service all 20 acres. Includes 18, 15 and 12 inch HDPE culvert pipes with concrete headwalls and energy dissipater’s combined with several drainage v-gutters. Also includes traffic rated catch basins.

Entire project site is next to a live waterway (Carmel River). Provide a Storm Water Prevention Plan and supply and install all BMP’S to control storm water run-off during the project

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