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Rehabilitation of five vehicular bridges on the historic Point Sur Lighthouse facility in Big Sur, CA

California Parks & Recreation – Point Sur, Big Sur, CA

All five bridges are historic and are to be upgraded to achieve a twenty ton load rating but are to be constructed following Secretary of the Interior’s standard for the treatment of historic properties.

Provide all design, engineering, surveying and construction staking for the above project.

Demolish, remove and dispose of existing asphalt deck surface. Remove existing wood bridge decks, main structural timbers and store for inspection and possible reuse. Remove existing concrete footings, abutments, bents and wing walls for all five bridges. Excavate, hammer, drill and prep the soil to install approximately 100 new rock anchors 20 feet deep. Rock anchors are to secure the new concrete footings, bents, abutments and wing walls to the existing rock faces as per the soils engineer. Locate, form and pour new reinforced concrete footings using epoxy coated rebar. Build heavy timber structure, deck and guardrails for all five bridges.

Provide design specifications and structural engineering for a new 140 foot long shot-crete retaining wall at bridge number 4. Retaining wall design will consist of soil nails and steel mesh based on site conditions and the soil report provided by project owner.

The site is remote and complicated by protected wildlife/plants, inclement weather, dangerous slopes and height considerations. Provide a Storm Water Prevention Plan and supply and install all BMP’S to control storm water run-off during the project. Provide a design then supply and install safety barriers and debris containment systems at each bridge location.

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