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Replacement of a vehicle bridge over a tributary of the Russian River

Jenner Community Club – Jenner, CA

Design and execute a waterway diversion plan to reroute the live waterway during construction. Install coffer dams to divert water from waterway using by-pass culverts. Project biologist removed remaining steelhead from waterway.

Demolish and remove existing approach, concrete deck, abutments and bridge structure. Locate key measurements and provide construction staking for abutments and approaches. Re-grade approaches. Major subgrade excavations below flow line of the river. De-water excavations to install reinforced concrete footings. Structure backfill new abutments.

Excavate keyway for new rock slope protection. Install 5 ton rocks in keyway along with Redwood root wads as part of streambed restoration. Install filter cloth along river bank keyed in at the top. Install 1.5 to 3 ton rock slope protection along both sides of the river. Fill in rock slope with hand placed 6 to 12 inch chink rock.

Supply and Install new pre-stressed concrete bridge deck. Supply and install new metal beam guardrail. Co-ordinate shipping and receiving with assembly to allow construction within significant space and time constraints.

Excavate 10,000 square foot parking lot. Supply, install, grade and compact new class 2 base rock for new parking lot surface. Supply, install, grade and compact class 2 base rock for new bridge approaches to grade match existing roads.

The site is remote and complicated by protected wildlife/plants, live waterway, inclement weather, and regular flooding due to high tides. Provide a Storm Water Prevention Plan and supply and install all BMP’S to control storm water run-off during the project.

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